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Today I open my blog see this... ohhh my godness... @@|||

Some business owners got a shocking surprise today when their websites were being redirected to an URL. Former customers of Websourced (also known as Keyword Ranking and Marketsmart Interactive) are being redirected to this URL if an old tracking code still exists on their sites.

Websourced eventually abandoned the project but this code has remained on many of client’s web sites with no adverse affect untill now.

Site owners experiencing this issue can simply remove the following code in order to restore their sites:

and also,

You will know you have it if visiting your site redirects you to this page at with as a Heading: and redirect

It would appear that the domain that used to be the home of the app is now feeding redirect code to those who still having the tracking tags installed. I would imagine that while WebSourced is still the registered owner, someone with poor intentions has gotten their hands on the domain and is replacing the old tracking include with a redirection include.

MarketSmart Advertising (the owner of the domain) is aware of the issue and is looking for ways to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.


After talking to an old buddy at MSA, it would appear that this is some sort of issue with Network Solutions and how they handle 3rd party requests to non-resolving sites. He is working on getting a 404 page hosted at so that the request will resolve rather than going to the strange Network Solutions error redirect.

I wonder how many people have 3rd party includes on their sites where the request no longer resolves and NS is pulling the same redirect on them?

Are you having this same issue? Tell us about it in the comments.


I just heard from my buddy at MSA again and the fix worked. If you were being redirected because of the old code, even if you still have the code on your site, that redirect will no longer occur. You most likely want to remove the code anyway though. :)


This issue seems to be a lot larger than I originally thought. You are commenting all kinds of configurations and manifestations of the adbazz redirects that are way beyond my original experience.

If you have remedied your particular iteration, please comment your issue and your resolution. If you are still having the issue, let us know about it. Presently we are getting close to 200 people a day on “adbazz” related searches to this post so let’s figure this thing out while Google keeps us all in the same place.

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