SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer is an advanced, professional tool for analyzing, debugging, maintaining and monitoring local networks and Internet connections. It captures the data passing through your dial-up connection or network Ethernet card, analyzes this data and then represents it in an easily readable form. SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer is a useful tool for network administrators, security specialists, network application developers and anyone who needs a comprehensive picture of the traffic passing through their network connection or segment of a local area network.
SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer presents the results of its network analysis in a convenient and easily understandable format. It also allows you to defragment and reassemble network packets into streams. The program can easily analyze network traffic based on a number of different Internet protocols as listed below.
SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer features full decoding of the following low level protocols: AH, ARP, BOOTP, DHCP, DNS, ESP, GRE, ICMP, ICMPv6, IP, IPv6, IPX, LLC, MSG, REVARP, RIP, SAP, SER, SNAP, SPX, TCP, UDP and VLAN. It also performs full reconstruction of top-level protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP, TELNET and others.
The flexible system of fully configurable filters can be used to discard all network traffic except the specific traffic patterns you wish to analyze. SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer also has a special packet builder. This tool allows you to build your own custom network packets and send them into the network. You could use this packet builder feature to check your network for robustness against attacks and intruders.
The software requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It also requires a network connection that could be a wireless connection or a modem that conforms to the NDIS standard.


IP Traffic Monitor

There are many reasons why you may want to monitor your Internet traffic flows. I’ll point out only a few of the most popular reasons. No anti-virus can guarantee you 100% protection from Trojan Horses and malicious spyware or adware programs. Some of them are highly customized and checking against anti-virus databases does nothing. They also slow down your Internet connection. Needless to say that identity theft or using your computer as a peer-to-peer network hub for pirated software, music and video downloads without you even knowing about this may certainly have unwanted consequences. If you share your computer with family members or you administer computers in your office, knowing the Internet traffic details becomes essential. Network load balance, security reasons and more…
Recently I’ve come across a wonderful utility that serves just this purpose. IP Traffic Monitor sits in your system tray and monitors all your network connections. You can either monitor the active connections in real-time or browse historical logs. The program shows extensive information about each connection: remote host IP, remote host name (if available), amounts of incoming and outgoing traffic through this connection, timestamps of the first and last activity of this connection, name of the process that initiated or accepted this connection, full path to the application the process belongs to, etc. The traffic summary indicator shows an upload and download speed graph and traffic totals. In addition it draws pie chart diagrams that illustrate the percentage of certain hosts in the total incoming and outgoing traffic.
It would be naive to expect packet sniffer functionality from a $20 utility. Yet, IP Traffic Monitor includes a full-featured sniffer. You can easily capture and analyze TCP packets. Captured packets can be saved to a log file or analyzed in place. For example, you can analyze HTTP requests including passwords and other data that is sent to servers from your PC.

download IP Traffic Monitor


BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time.
BitMeter is freeware - ie. it is given away completely free of charge, there is no trial period, no time-limited features, no spyware, and no adware, guaranteed.
BitMeter displays a coloured graph showing your upload and download speeds, the display updates every second, and the current speeds are also displayed numerically in the lower part of the window.
BitMeter has lots of handy features:
Statistics window, showing historical data both graphically and numerically.
A web interface, allowing you to monitor your speed remotely over the internet via an ordinary web browser.
Speed and volume alerts.
On-screen stopwatch.
Speed/time calculator.
Transparent, Float and Click-through modes.
Comprehensive 36-page help file.
Audio notifications.
Animated System-Tray icon showing upload and download speeds.
Check for new version (with auto-check option and proxy support).
Select any combination of network cards to monitor/ignore.
Configurable graph scale - set to any value, or set to auto-adjust according to your speed.
Connection Speed Helper.
Option to display current graph maximum on screen.
Change units used in readout (Kb,KB,Mb,MB).
Change graph type (bar or line graph).
Interval bars with adjustable time period.
Adjustable scroll interval (anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds).
Save favourite colour combinations for later use, or use one of the preconfigured colour-schemes.
Configure System Tray tooltip information (including speeds and days totals).
Show or hide readout area, or adjust its font-size.
Auto-start option for current user, or for all users.
Manual and automatic backup options of configuration and traffic history information.

download BitMeter

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"Magic" Photoshop Action for Layered Workflow

Do I use Curves or Levels first? O’Reilly author Ken Milburn got an email from a reader asking about his magically layer-creating action for Photoshop that he describes in the second edition of his book Digital Photography Expert Techniques, and I thought everyone might like to share. You can apply this action to any file you’ve just opened for processing, and you’ll have an ordered framework of layers for making your initial adjustments according to the good workflow procedures Ken outlines in the book. Here are the instructions Ken sent that reader for creating the action yourself:

  1. Create a new action in Photoshop.

  2. Create a new layer and name it Spotting, Retouching, or whatever. Have it selected when you’re spotting and have the “Sample All Layers” box checked.

  3. Create another new layer and name it “Burn and Dodge”. Put that Layer into Overlay mode. Then choose Edit > Fill Layer and fill it with 50% Gray. Later, you will use the Brush tool with the default White and Black colors at about 8% opacity to do your burning and dodging. It acts more light Fill Light than the burn tool, doesn’t throw out anything, and you can restore the original by painting in 50% gray or simpling re-filling the whole layer and starting over. You can even make several of these layers…each to burn and dodge different parts of the image at different intensities. Talk about control!

  4. LayersAction.jpg

  5. Make a new Levels Adjustment Layer. It will label itself. After you’ve created the Action, follow my instructions in the book for adjusting Levels channel by channel first (which also color balances), then adjust over-all exposure with the RGB channel.

  6. Make a new Curves Adjustment Layer. It will label itself. Change the mode for this layer to Luminosity (keeps your adjustments from affecting color balance). After you’ve created the Action, use this layer for overall adjustment of the contrast in the image for specific levels of brightness by adjusting specific portions of the curve. Later in the workflow, you can do the same for specific physical areas in the image by pre-masking them using any of the selection tools and then feathering the selection so that it blends.

  7. Make a new Color Balance Adjustment Layer. It will label itself. After you’ve created the Action, follow my instructions in the book for adjusting Levels channel by channel first (which also color balances), then adjust over-all exposure with the RGB channel.

  8. The image shows how the layers palette will look after you run the action. For more on the actual adjustments that take place at each stage, check out Ken’s book.



把下面这段代码复制到记事本里,保存为文本文件,然后静观杀毒软件之变。若有反应,那您就可以初步放心了。。。 注意,本病毒代码绝对不会伤害到机器.请放心!!!










超級怪獸大炮 Zeiss推出1700mm遠攝牛頭

簡介︰不要以為自己手上拿支300mm F2.8鏡頭就炫耀說大炮,真正的大炮遠比這個強幾倍。近日,著名光學廠商Carl Zeiss發佈一支怪獸大炮鏡頭Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 4/1700,1700mm焦距,重達256公斤,堪稱是當今世界上焦距最長、體重最沉的民用大炮鏡頭。

不要以為自己手上拿支300mm F2.8鏡頭就炫耀說大炮,真正的大炮遠比這個強幾倍。近日,著名光學廠商Carl Zeiss發佈一支怪獸大炮鏡頭Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 4/1700,1700mm焦距,重達256公斤,堪稱是當今世界上焦距最長、體重最沉的民用大炮鏡頭。

這支鏡頭是私人玩物,世上僅此一件,據說是Carl Zeiss公司接到一位Carl 塔王官貴族的一張訂單之後精心製造的一支怪獸鏡頭。這位顧客偏好遠距離拍攝野生動物,對圖像品質有著極高的要求。Carl Zeiss應對這位巨富的特殊要求,專門開發了全新的鏡頭組裝工藝。這是一項高難度具有挑戰性的製作工程,僅光是磨制大尺寸的鏡片就是一項瓶頸問題。相 聞,光是鏡片原胚重量就高達25公斤,後面的磨制、鍍膜等各種複雜的工藝,更是集合了超高的光學技術。

為了製造這支巨大的大炮,Carl Zeiss更是把大型望遠鏡和天體望遠鏡對焦技術應用過來,甚至挪用了針對航太鏡頭的技術。可以想像,使用這支巨無霸拍攝照片,將會有出乎人意料的畫質的表現。

作者︰佚名 編輯︰numen 來源︰






testing testiin testing

跟在刘洋后面的那几个学生见状也冲上来,其中有个叫张超学生第一冲到我面前抓住我的头发往下使劲拉同时的他的 膝盖也用力的往上抬,正当他的膝盖与我的脸接触时,“咚”我感觉到我鼻子好像有暖暖的红色液体淌了出来,脸上还残留着手指的淤横,其余跟上的学生也你一拳 我一脚的往我的身上招呼着,刘洋看差不多的时候叫了声“大家先停下”他再次抓住我的头发说“操,我在等你的回答了,还要不要老子我再教教你了?”我忍着痛 处缓缓的说道“别做梦了,打死我也不会放弃的”我第一次感觉到我并不是那么懦弱。“妈的,你跟他罗嗦干什么!”这时张超不耐烦的说道,只见他手插裤兜的走 到我前面就是一脚,这脚把我踹的往后仰了好几步然后重重的摔在地上这时远处的有个女孩看见了这一切,她像一个6.7岁的小女孩被人欺负似的哭着跑到我们面 前带着哭腔喊道“住手,我求你们住手好吗,刘洋我和他分手还不行吗?”当雪涵把这句话说完的时候可以清楚的看见她眼里流出了两道清澈的泪流,此时的我正趴 在地上笑了起来,而且是很大声的笑了,正当大家以为我是被打傻了的时候。


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“这两位朋友看上去很陌生啊,您也不给我们介绍介绍,我可是很喜欢交朋友的呀。”周易打量了两个人好一会:这 两个人的年纪都在三十多岁,一个身材高大瘦削,脸上没有二量肉的样子,一个巨大的鹰钩鼻子占了脸上几乎一半的面积,脸孔惨白没有一点血色,两个黄黄的眼珠 滴溜溜的在周易旁边的四个美女身上转个不停;另一个就好多了,中等身材,健壮结实的那种,一看上去就是很敦实也很老实的那种,浓眉大眼的顺眼多了,一头灰 亮的头发在脑后扎了个马尾,还很有个性的那种。他们的身上都散发着深厚的斗气的力量,身体还隐隐散发着银白色的光芒,没有修炼过的人当然是感觉不出来的。 但很明显他们不是白银斗士,而应该是白金斗士以上的级别。和韦恩斯王子散发的力量进行了比较后,他们和韦恩斯的距离还是有很大的差距,却也是很不一般的修 为了。

Fake SanDisk Compact Flash CARD

Here are some photos comparing the fake SanDisk Compact Flash card to a genuine SanDisk card. Most photos can be clicked to view a larger version.

front of the cards
front of the cards
(click image for larger version)

back of the cards
back of the cards
(click image for larger version)

The product number shown on the back of the card is incorrect, showing "SDCFB" instead of "SDCFH".

The fake card also has an extra "TM" logo next to the "CF" logo at the top right of the back of the card, as well as having different patent numbers, and slightly different font for the copyright date.

bottom edge of the cards
bottom edge of the cards (serial number has been intentionally blurred)
(click image for larger version)

The serial number is normally printed in small white text on the bottom edge of the card. As the photo above clearly shows, the serial number is missing.

Other people have reported fake SanDisk cards as having labels with lower-quality printing (such as this site).
The fake card came with what appears to be genuine-looking packaging, as shown below.

the box
the boxes
(click image for larger version)

The genuine SanDisk boxes have a hologram logo sticker on the front of the box, in the bottom left corner, just above the SanDisk logo, but this fake box is missing the sticker.

The "SanDisk Ultra" text on the genuine box is also much more embossed and glossy, and the "II" text to the right of the "Ultra" on the fake box doesn't line up with the rest of the text.

the protective case
the protective cases

The protective cases for the cards are also different, with the case for the fake card being slightly smaller. The fake card didn't actually fit into its protective case properly, as the case appeared to be slightly too small.

The genuine card had a user guide with the "Ultra II" name on the front, while the fake card came with a generic user guide (which contradicted the box, and mentioned a 5 year warranty).

The fake user guide was just a photocopied piece of paper folded up, while the genuine user guide consisted of several papers stapled together.

Nokia N73 Code

N73 RM-133
0529813: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Deep Plum) taiwan 深紫
0529814: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Deep Plum) 香港深紫
0529815: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Deep Plum) 亚太区深紫
0529816: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Deep Plum) 菲律宾深紫
0529817: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Deep Plum) 澳大利亚深紫
0529819: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Deep Plum) 泰国深紫
0529820: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Deep Plum) 印度尼西亚深紫
0529821: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Deep Plum) 印度深紫
0529822: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Deep Plum) 日本深紫
0529824: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Mocha Brown) 澳大利亚棕咖啡
0529825: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Mocha Brown) 亚太棕咖啡
0529827: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Mocha Brown) 日本棕咖啡
0529828: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Mocha Brown) 泰国棕咖啡
0529829: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Mocha Brown) 印度尼西亚棕咖啡
0529830: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Mocha Brown) 印度棕咖啡
0529831: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Mocha Brown) 菲律宾棕咖啡
0529833: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Met Red) 香港
0529834: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Met Red taiwan

N73 RM-133
0529813: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Deep Plum)TAIWAN
0529814: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Deep Plum)香港
0529815: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Deep Plum)新加坡
0529816: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Deep Plum)菲律宾
0529817: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Deep Plum)澳大利亚
0529819: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Deep Plum)泰国
0529820: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Deep Plum)印度尼西亚
0529821: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Deep Plum)印度
0529822: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Deep Plum)日本
0529824: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Mocha Brown)澳大利亚
0529825: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Mocha Brown)新加坡
0529827: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Mocha Brown)日本
0529828: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Mocha Brown)泰国
0529829: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Mocha Brown)印度尼西亚
0529830: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Mocha Brown)印度
0529831: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Mocha Brown)菲律宾
0529833: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Met Red)香港
0529834: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN
0527009: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Deep Plum)
0529568: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Deep Plum)
0529569: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Deep Plum)
0529602: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Deep Plum)
0529603: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Deep Plum)
0529604: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Deep Plum)
0529605: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Deep Plum)
0529606: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Deep Plum)
0529607: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Deep Plum)
0529608: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Deep Plum)
0529609: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Deep Plum)
0529780: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Deep Plum)
0529781: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Deep Plum)
0529782: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Deep Plum)
0529784: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Deep Plum)
0529785: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Deep Plum)
0529786: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Deep Plum)
0529787: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Deep Plum)
0529789: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Met Red)
0529790: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Met Red)
0529792: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Met Red)
0529793: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Met Red)
0529794: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Met Red)
0529795: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Met Red)
0529796: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Met Red)
0529797: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Met Red)
0529799: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Met Red)
0529801: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Met Red)
0529803: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Met Red)
0529804: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Met Red)
0529805: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Met Red)
0529806: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Met Red)
0529807: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Met Red)
0529809: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Met Red)
0529810: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Met Red)
0529811: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Met Red)
0529813: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Deep Plum)
0529814: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Deep Plum)
0529815: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Deep Plum)
0529816: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Deep Plum)
0529817: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Deep Plum)
0529819: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Deep Plum)
0529820: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Deep Plum)
0529821: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Deep Plum)
0529822: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Deep Plum)
0529824: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Mocha Brown)
0529825: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Mocha Brown)
0529827: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Mocha Brown)
0529828: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Mocha Brown)
0529829: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Mocha Brown)
0529830: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Mocha Brown)
0529831: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Mocha Brown)
0529833: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Met Red)#
0529834: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Met Red)
0537287: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Met Red)
0537288: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Deep Plum)
0543847: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Mocha Brown)
0543848: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Mocha Brown)
0543863: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Mocha Brown)

N73 IE 版港行CODE:0539366 黑色

#0529813: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Deep Plum)台湾
#0529814: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Deep Plum)香港
#0529815: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Deep Plum)新加坡
#0529816: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Deep Plum)菲律宾
#0529817: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Deep Plum)澳大利亚
#0529819: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Deep Plum)泰国
#0529820: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Deep Plum)印度尼西亚
#0529821: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Deep Plum)印度
#0529822: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Deep Plum)日本
#0529824: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Mocha Brown)澳大利亚
#0529825: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Mocha Brown)新加坡
#0529827: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Mocha Brown)日本
#0529828: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Mocha Brown)泰国
#0529829: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Mocha Brown)印度尼西亚
#0529830: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Mocha Brown)印度
#0529831: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Mocha Brown)菲律宾
#0529833: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Met Red)香港
#0529834: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN
#0527009: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Deep Plum)
#0529568: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Deep Plum)
#0529569: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Deep Plum)
#0529602: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Deep Plum)
#0529603: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Deep Plum)
#0529604: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Deep Plum)
#0529605: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Deep Plum)
#0529606: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Deep Plum)
#0529607: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Deep Plum)
#0529608: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Deep Plum)
#0529609: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Deep Plum)
#0529780: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Deep Plum)
#0529781: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Deep Plum)
#0529782: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Deep Plum)
#0529784: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Deep Plum)
#0529785: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Deep Plum)
#0529786: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Deep Plum)
#0529787: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Deep Plum)
#0529789: RM-133 CUST.TRX ISRAEL (Met Red)
#0529790: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Met Red)
#0529792: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 2 (Met Red)
#0529793: RM-133 CUST.TRX TURKEY (Met Red)
#0529794: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALKANS (Met Red)
#0529795: RM-133 CUST.TRX UKRAINE (Met Red)
#0529796: RM-133 CUST.TRX GREECE (Met Red)
#0529797: RM-133 CUST.TRX CIS (Met Red)
#0529799: RM-133 CUST.TRX HUNGARY (Met Red)
#0529801: RM-133 CUST.TRX ROMANIA (Met Red)
#0529803: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Met Red)
#0529804: RM-133 CUST.TRX BALTIAN (Met Red)
#0529805: RM-133 CUST.TRX FRANCE (Met Red)
#0529806: RM-133 CUST.TRX ALPS (Met Red)
#0529807: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Met Red)
#0529809: RM-133 CUST.TRX SCANDINAVIA (Met Red)
#0529810: RM-133 CUST.TRX LEBANON (Met Red)
#0529811: RM-133 CUST.TRX RUSSIAN (Met Red)
#0529813: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Deep Plum)
#0529814: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Deep Plum)
#0529815: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Deep Plum)
#0529816: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Deep Plum)
#0529817: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Deep Plum)
#0529819: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Deep Plum)
#0529820: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Deep Plum)
#0529821: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Deep Plum)
#0529822: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Deep Plum)
#0529824: RM-133 CUST.TRX AUSTRALIA (Mocha Brown)
#0529825: RM-133 CUST.TRX APAC 1 (Mocha Brown)
#0529827: RM-133 CUST.TRX JAPAN (Mocha Brown)
#0529828: RM-133 CUST.TRX THAILAND (Mocha Brown)
#0529829: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDONESIA (Mocha Brown)
#0529830: RM-133 CUST.TRX INDIA (Mocha Brown)
#0529831: RM-133 CUST.TRX PHILIPPINES (Mocha Brown)
#0529833: RM-133 CUST.TRX HONGKONG (Met Red)
#0529834: RM-133 CUST.TRX TAIWAN (Met Red)
#0537287: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Met Red)
#0537288: RM-133 CUST.TRX BELARUS MOLDOVA (Deep Plum)
#0543847: RM-133 CUST.TRX SOUTH AFRICA (Mocha Brown)
#0543848: RM-133 CUST.TRX EURO 1 (Mocha Brown)
#0543863: RM-133 CUST.TRX GULF (Mocha Brown)

上面的东西要在N73升级包中才能看到的~ 接着是黑色N73音乐版的CODE部分~

请大家要明白:亚太有很多地方 比如新加坡 台湾 香港 都属于亚太区 那么CODE也有很多

音乐版黑色N73 欧水 CODE 0539394
音乐版黑色N73 港行IE版 CODE 0539366
音乐版黑色N73台湾 CODE 0539364
0539343 -> APAC 1 -> Chinese, English
0539346 -> Philippines -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539349 -> Australia/New Zealand -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539352 -> Indonesia -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539354 -> India/Vietnam -> English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipino
0539351 -> Thailand -> English, Thai

USO EXIF Viewer V2.0 繁體中文版 / 簡體中文版 / English Version

軟體名稱 (Product Name): KUSO EXIF Viewer V2.0 繁體中文版 / 簡體中文版 / English Version
程式作者 (Developer): LiloHuang 黃偉任 @ KUSO.CC 酷縮短網址 (當此作品完成時,作者就讀高師大工教系四年級)
更新紀錄 (Last Updated): 2007年06月19日 - 可自訂安裝目錄 / 增加DC相機資料 / 增加DSLR鏡頭資料 / 修正瀏覽照片臭蟲
版本號碼 (Version Num.): 200706191500
軟體授權 (License): Freeware 免費軟體 (禁止將本軟體使用於商業行為)
作業平台 (OS Platform) Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista
軟體需求 (Requirements): 建議 Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz / 128MB記憶體
支援格式 (Support format): [ JPG / PNG / TIF / RAW / CRW / CR2 / MRW / NEF / ORF / PEF / SRF / SR2 / X3F / RAF / ARW ]
軟體特色 (Features): 1. 相較於 Opanda IEXIF 可讀出資訊更加詳細
2. Nikon / Canon 數位單眼紀錄完整呈現
3. 內建 CoC / DOF / 超焦距離 計算
4. 數位單眼相機使用鏡頭資訊
5. Nikon 用戶最愛看的快門使用次數 ( Canon 新款機型支援的話也可以看到 )
6. 支援 RAW 拍攝後原始資訊檔讀取 ( 包含 CRW / CR2 / NEF 格式 )
7. 可直接與 Microsoft Internet Explorer 與 Mozilla Firefox 做完整結合,圖片點選右鍵即可觀看資訊
8. 可將照片檔案使用拖曳方式至主程式開啟,或者檔案按右鍵觀看
9. 含GPS紀錄的照片可完整呈現,並可透過Google Map 檢視衛星地圖
10. 相容於 Microsoft 最新作業系統 Windows Vista 中文版

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KUSO EXIF Viewer FireFox Extension V2.0 For Firfox 1.x~2.x ( 必須先安裝主程式才能執行 / KUSO EXIF Viewer installed is required. )
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KUSO GPS Editor BETA 中文版 ( 最完整的照片GPS編輯軟體,2007年度最新力做! )
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C:\Nokia 可以完全删除不影响使用,但删除后,通过PC套装安装软件和游戏时会提示失败!
C:\tempfiles 通常意义下,TEMP带头的和TEMP或TMP有关的东东都可以删除的,Win老鸟们该知道吧?就是临时文件夹啦!
下面进入最危险的C:\system文件夹,在S60中,C:\system的作用就相当于Windows中的C:\windows和C:\Program Files混合体一样!
C:\system\App 这当中大多都是软件游戏的存档或密码之类的信息(当然前题是你装所有的软件游戏都装在E盘!),一共+起来也就几K十几K,删了的话也太变态了吧?而且软件还可能运行不正常!
C:\system\Capability 不知道什么东东,0kb,删!
C:\system\Data\Cbs\ 当中只有两个文件,以前好像有个大虾提到过的,将cbtopicsmsgs.dat改名后可以删除,那就照做吧,听大虾的,没错!
C:\system\Favouriter 看看名字就知道是收藏夹了,S60中,这个文件夹记录的是捷径中各软件的快捷方式,将它完全转移到E盘同目录文件夹后可删除!
C:\system\Install 里面是软件反安装程序,前提是你装软件装在C盘中!如果你软件安装时选择的路径为E盘,那将在E盘的同目录下出现此软件的反安装程序!删吧,没人会浪费C盘宝贵的空间的!
C:\system\Mail 短信息和邮件存档,如果你装短信息邮件转存到MMC卡的话,可以将它删除!转存的方法就不用我说了吧?
C:\system\Schedules 待办事宜存储数据,如果你没有待办事宜,也把它删了吧!
C:\system\SKINS 我实在不知道这个文件夹存在的意义,改变主题模式或者是开机后,它都会自建,但是删了它又完全没有副作用,靠...看见它非常的光火!删!
C:\system\Temp 前面说过了,临时文件夹,删!
C:\system\System.ini 不知道什么,没P用,删!


其实,单就我手机而言,删除的地方还有很多,比如C:systemData目录下,CACerts.dat,Clockapp.dat, Bookmarks.db等等,有许多都是鸡肋,但考虑到每个手机的设置不同和安装软件的不同,在这里也不便于介绍!总不成让别人以为我在误导吧?
2006/1/10 14:05添加

最后多次测试,BluePlayer播放器,可以手工改变路径,默认安装后,所有的文件转存到E盘就OK了,默认路径C:\system\App\ Mpob转存E盘同名目录!线程优先程序也可以同样转存!(我怀疑在安装程序中,可能会记录安装信息吧?)(2006年2月9日添加,注明: BluePlayer,只能装在C盘!,如果转存到E盘的话,有播放界面但不能寻找蓝牙!)

c:\system\Data\ 文件夹下一些备份文档,请大家看着删
c:\system\data\contacts.Cdb和cntmodel.ini 通讯录备份!
c:\system\data\applications.Dat 功能表备份,如果你在功能表里新建了什么文件不夹的话,这里会有记录的喔!
c:\system\data\scshortcutengine.ini 待机状态模式
c:\system\data\mms_setting.Dat 彩信设置
c:\system\data\smsreast.Dat,smssegst.Dat,sms_settings.Dat 短信设置
c:\system\data\alarmserver.lnl 闹钟设置
c:\system\data\cdbv3.Dat 连接设置
c:\system\data\CACertts.dat 安装各种软件的证书
c:\system\data\notepad.Dat wap 记事本
c:\system\data\bookmarks1.db 书签,WAP记录的地址
c:\system\data\Applications.dat 应用程序与游戏安装后,会在这里记录下数据,具体作用还不得而知,但可以肯定的是,iTech的微星BluePlayer播放器,只有在这里记录下数据后,才能可用!
c:\system\data\profiles 情景模式
c:\system\data\calendar 日程表
2005/1/10 20:33添加