Leica 60mm F2.8 Macro-Elmarit-R

Two versions of this lens were produced, but only the cosmetics changed as the optical group was identical. The first version can be used with All Leicaflex and R models, whereas the second version can only be used on the R series cameras. The deeply recessed lens elements greatly reduced flare and the use of a hood is generally not needed. The lens formula has been optimized for near range photography, but you will find that this lens also produces fantastic results at infinity. The primary difference between Macro lenses and ordinary lenses is Flatness of field and the optical formula that is changed for optimum close distance photography. The lens will focus to 1:2 lifesize and with the Macro extension will focus down to 1:1. The second version utilized the Macro-Adapter-R in place of the extension of the earlier model and therefore can only be used with the R series cameras. Working distance is tight when getting close to the 1:2-1:1 ratios, but the extra depth of field as opposed to the 100mm Macro lens is a very welcome addition. This lens is capable of first class results and along with the 100mm Macro creates a perfect kit for exploring the world of close up photography.

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