Leica 28mm Elmarit-R

Two versions of this lens were produced, and the optical formula was finally changed 1994. The hood on the first version was supplied with a small thumbwheel screw on the side to provide a means for rotating a polarizing filter while the hood was attached. When the 35mm Summicron is not quite wide enough, the 28mm Elmarit fills the gap. Considered to be the most useful true wide angle lens, the 28mm Elmarit should be a part of every persons kit. The lens is very compact and with the use of Leica adapter 22228, the lens can also be used on your M system camera bodies. This lens is an excellent performer producing very sharp and contrasty negatives as can be expected from all Leica designed lenses. The close focusing range of only 30cm makes this lens very useful for a variety of subjects when out in the field with tremendous depth of field at your fingertips.

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