Nikon Lens Serial Nos

Nikon Lens Serial Nos link

This page lists every Nikon lens version and sub-version I know of. Minor changes to internal mechanics, lens coating, engravings or electronics may not be listed. For each version up to four serial numbers are given: Start - Earliest - Latest - End. Start and End serial numbers are from Nikon Ai conversion lists, catalogues and various books. The Earliest and Latest serial numbers are from lenses I have seen. They help confirm the Start and End numbers or indicate the range where the Start and End numbers are unknown.

Serial numbers for some versions overlap, and some numbers are beyond the recorded Start or End Number. Batches of serial numbers may have been mixed in the transition from one version to another or my data is incorrect. More research is needed here.

Note: Pictures of pre-Ai versions may be of Ai converted lenses. Versions with the same optical design are grouped together. Different optical variants are separated by a thick line, minor optical updates are separated by a thin dark line. Serial number blocks are separated by a thin pale line.

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