Ad Space for Sell ?

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Now, everyone can sell their space, for FREE!
Reaching out more advertiser - more exposure, no extra cost

Advertisers worldwide looking for ad space come to Here they can search and find ad space they wish to advertise on, check the availability and make booking of the space – basically planning out your marketing campaign. Moreover, the booking of ad space can be made anytime!
Commission-free booking platform & no cash holdback

There’s no catch, advertisers pay 1% of your ad space cost to secure the booking through Kumomo, while the remaining 99% will be paid directly to you. That’s right, Kumomo charge NO commission – it’s a free platform for all!
You won’t look like a advertising portal, your space is for charity

Here at Kumomo, we understand that some of us prefer not to make our space look too commercialized. You can have Kumomo to collect 1% or full amount of your ad space cost when someone book your ad space and donate them to the Kumomo Tree Charity Project.
No more time wasted in finding buyers of your space

Kumomo booking engine handles all for you. You’ll be informed only on confirmed bookings, based on your space’s availability, price and preference. In other words, they already like your space – Spend no more time in looking for advertiser!
Instant & free listing of your newly added ad space

Adding ad space is fast and easy. A quick and simple sign up and instantly your ad space can be found by the world! Furthermore, no code insertion is required on your online ad space - Allow an advertiser to buy your space now!

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