Fake Sandisk Ultra II CF cards on eBay (pics)

Just copy from forum, please becareful nowadays many fake in the market
I thought this would be the most appropriate section of the forum for this... just wanted to warn everybody that there are a high number of counterfeit Sandisk Ultra II CF cards on eBay. I purchased 3 such 2GB cards recently, to go with my new digital SLR camera. While they all work fine and are the right capacity, I did some investigating anyway to try and confirm their legitimacy, and I concluded that all 3 cards were fake (all bought from different sellers).

My break came when I received 2 of the cards on the same day (1 had arrived a couple weeks earlier). I noticed that the packages had a different finish on them, and after investigating them a bit closer, I noticed a couple of other small differences as well. The model numbers were slightly different, and the barcodes differed by 1 number. Those were my first clues. Next I checked the cards themselves. 2 of the cards had no edge stamp whatsoever, and the third card had an edge stamp with a serial number that is known to be used on counterfeit cards. Next I decided I need to test the speed on each. My references were Rob Galbraith's database on camera write speeds using different CF cards, as well as my standard Sandisk 1gb, which I had purchased from a local retailer and know is legitimate. My testing method was to shoot in full manual, with the camera in rapid fire mode, and timed how long it took to write a full buffer to the card. My camera is a Canon EOS 20d. Timing started when I pressed the shutter release, and ended when the CF light on the camera went out. The 3 cards were fairly close, about 17 seconds. Referencing the speeds (which I can't remember, but were terribly slow) to Rob Galbraith's database (http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/mul...?cid=6007-7303), told me that the cards were way off. I did the same test with my standard Sandisk 1GB and it finished in approx 13-14 seconds. Functionally the cards were fine, and they were the correct capacity. I did however, have a problem where some pictures would come out extremely noisy and I couldn't figure out why. I now believe it was a product of the poor quality CF card.

I then decided to go to my local store and purchase a legitimate Sandisk Ultra II 2GB CF card. I got home and again did the same test. It took about 11 seconds to complete. It also had an edge stamp with a unique serial number, as well as completely different packaging from the cards that I received from eBay. There were other subtle differences on the cards as well, but the edge stamp was a big one.

Anyway, to sum things up, I've contacted each seller for a refund, which each of them has offered. I have done some research, and found that these are common counterfeit cards (2GB seems to be the most common, I don't recall seeing any other sizes). In each case where they have been discovered, the sellers are always willing to accept the cards back without a hassle. I suspect they are knowingly selling this cards and don't want to hesitate on return requests in order to keep people quiet.

I just wanted to post this to make everybody aware of the problem, and make sure nobody gets taken. I do hope to get my money back on all 3 cards, but it is a huge inconvenience regardless. And next time you see a seemingly great deal, beware, things aren't always as they seem

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